Glenn Levar

Glenn Levar
Glenn Levar is President and CEO Shared Time Human Resources Management, Inc. Shared Time Human Resources provides human resources solutions and services to small and medium sized businesses. Since 1993, Glenn and his company have helped clients recruit employees, retain staff and reduce cost. Glenn works with entrepreneurial start-ups and established Fortune 500 companies in Cleveland, Northeast Ohio, and across the country. Contact Glenn Levar at 440.979.1046, by e-mail at or visit his website at
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Six Essential Steps to Writing Successful Job Descriptions

In its purest form, a job description indicates the work to be performed by the candidates for employment. The objective of a well-written job description is to attract the highest number of talented candidates and, from that list, hire the best one. Listed below are approaches to writing a job description and the elements required to develop a better position description.  These include the position summary, the position's essential functions and the competencies, skills, education and work experience required to be successful in the position.

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