Does Employee Background Screening Matter?

You need to fill a vacant position in your company and you need to hire the best person for that job, and you need to it fast. Just a few years back you only had an interview and references to base your decision on. You could only rely on the information presented to you in the form of resumes, references, and whatever a good interviewer could glean during the interview.  

Verifying the authenticity of the credentials and facts presented by an applicant was once difficult and time consuming. Now deeper and more thorough background screenings are possible, but how important is it, and why?

To answer this question, we must first talk about what exactly is  background screening and what it entails. Employee background screening consists of fact checking all of the information presented by the applicant. You could do this for yourself, however that would be very time consuming and costly. This is where a professional background screening company comes in. Not only does a professional background screening company make the process fast, but they are thorough and cost-effective. They are adept at conducting research that verifies a potential employee’s resume or job application. In other words, a professional background screening company gives you a “reality check” that digs between the lines. A background screening report generally includes a criminal history, as well as verification of educational credentials, past employment, reference checks, driving records, and drug testing, to name just a few. The scope and depth of each report depends on the position you are filling, and how deep you need the scope of the report to go. Each of these elements, when combined, present the employer with hard facts to help making a solid hiring decision.

Additionally, just by advertising that you have a background screening and drug testing program in place will deter potential applicants who have a criminal record, or something to hide, and will immediately increase the quality of the pool of applicants. This is specifically true when it comes to drug testing, since only 5% of employment drug tests produce a positive result, statistically. In other words 95% of potential applicants who do use illicit drugs, won’t even bother to apply.

With a well-researched background screening report in hand, companies can make their hiring decisions with the utmost certainty. There is no need to try to judge if the employee is lying about something in their interview. Now you can base your decision on provable facts. This data can strengthen your decision to hire a future employee and can become a sort of insurance for any future problems that could fall on the company due to the employee’s actions.


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Neil Adelman

Written by Neil Adelman

Neil is the founder and President of SafeGuard Background Screening. Neil is an accomplished entrepreneur with over 30 years of proven success building startups, growth business lines, streamlined business operations, and customer-focused solutions.