Top 5 Challenges Keeping Hiring Managers Up at Night

Top 5 Challenges Keeping Hiring Managers Up at Night

Hiring Managers have their share of perks and rewards. They are in a position to influence change, inspire others and build winning teams. They usually have an attractive compensation package, the attention of leadership, continuous professional training, the corner office, and more.

However, there’s a price to pay for the privileges to lead and have status. Hiring Managers have to deal with tough issues on a daily basis. We talk with hiring managers every day and found these are the top 5 challenges that keep them up at night: 

Terminating an Employee. Telling an employee that they are no longer with the company is probably the most difficult task for any hiring manager.  The ramifications are enormous. By terminating employment, a hiring manager impacts an employee’s livelihood, self-esteem and family.  Also, the entire team is adversely affected. They wonder about their hiring manager’s judgment as well as their own job security. Therefore, employee morale suffers.  What a hiring manager can do when terminating an employee is to help with outplacement services and provide a fair severance package.

Making the Right Hiring Decisions.  To avoid #1, hiring managers need to avoid the costly mistake of making a bad hiring decision.  Therefore, they often find themselves agonizing over which candidate is the best one to hire. The best way to avoid this is to have an effective hiring process in place that includes behavioral interviewing, selection assessments, multiple inputs, offer shadowing, hire on an interim basis (try before buy), and work with a good search firm.

Resolving Team Conflicts. There is not a team in the world, whether in a sporting environment or in business, that has not experienced conflict. Bad outcomes happen when hiring managers don’t see it coming or don’t know how to deal with conflict properly. So what are the best ways to resolve a team conflict?  Keep a cool head, go to the source of the conflict, actively listen to what is being said, deal with it early, and set team behavior rules and expectations.

Losing Top Performers. Hiring managers often don’t see this one coming. They wait until the resignation letter hits their desk to do something about retaining their top talent. At this point, it’s usually comes down to a counter-offer.  To avoid losing top performers, an effective employee retention program should be in place. Make sure that star employees are paid competitive or above competitive wages, have challenging work, get recognition and rewards, plus offer runway, i.e. job promotions. Top performers need to see a future with the company.

Meeting Deadlines.  Meeting project deadlines are critical to the success of a company. Therefore, not meeting project deadlines can spiral into project or career failure.  While deadlines are the most vexing issue of time management, there are ways to deal with them:

  • Create and maintain a calendar of due dates.
  • For each deadline, create a list of action items required.
  • Negotiate due dates. Sometimes they aren’t carved in stone.
  • Learn to say “no” up front if a deadline is not doable/workable and renegotiate the target date.
  • Ask for help. Most people, including hiring managers, don’t want to admit that there’s a problem or something that they can’t do alone without help. However, if crunched for time and need to pick up the pace, it’s best to ask for help than fail to meet a project deadline.

If you’re a hiring manager and there are more challenges and issues keeping you up at night, please share them with us by posting in the comment box below.


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David Peterson

Written by David Peterson

David Peterson is a Managing Partner for Direct Recruiters. He manages and oversees DRI search and recruitment teams in the Plastics and Flexible Packaging industries. David is an accomplished recruiter and has built a reputation for understanding client needs from executive search to direct contributor roles. They appreciate his in-depth industry knowledge in the Plastics and Flexible Packaging space, comprehensive understanding of job market conditions and future industry trends. David and his team offer both retained and contingency search options and their search completion rates are consistently among the highest of the firm. David is a current and active member of the Society of Plastic Engineers (SPE) and Plastics Industry Association, Cleveland Chapter of the Ohio Recruiters Association and served as their Chapter Chair for 3 years. In addition, he took part in a discussion panel at NPE and was a speaker at the Plastics News 2017 Executive Forum in Naples, FL. David is an active Blogger on SPE's "The Chain" Career Center and has been published in industry-related publications such as Plastics News and Flexible Packaging Magazine. David attended the University of South Florida and prior to joining DRI, he was an Account Executive with Management Recruiters, Inc. David is married and has 2 daughters. He enjoys spending time with his with his family, dogs, turtles, tortoises and competing in racquetball tournaments.